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Planning: Turning Your Bridal Shower from Bleak into Antique-Chic

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Beautiful Bridal Shower Room

There is no better way to celebrate a bride-to-be than planning a bridal shower full of good food, bottomless mimosas, and in this case a sea of vintage décor! If there is one style that will always continue to be timeless, it is the antique panache. The reason this style is so popular is because it is extremely versatile and simple to design. It is as simple as grabbing an elegant wicker chair from your local Goodwill for $8.00 and using it as the bride’s throne during the festivities. An antique thread of design pulled through a bridal shower will take any table or corner of the room from bleak to antique-chic!

Now the question is, how do we do that? What are the steps in taking a table and basket of vintage goodies and transforming them into a Pinterest-perfect party? When planning a party with a vintage or antique inspiration, less is more. For example, lace and doilies come in many designs that by first glance can look all the same, but if you put too many different styles together then a table can look busy and end up swallowing the other décor you put on top of the two.

Rocky River Plantation Bridal Shower

We are currently obsessed with this bridal shower thrown at Rocky River Plantation. It is the perfect mix of thrifty, girly, chic, and had such a fun title to it: “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” Old and borrowed elements were pulled from the vintage napkins, lace runners, and antique coffee holder. While, the new and blue were found from the modernized bridal games and table linens. As beautiful as this all is, there are still some who can continue to feel overwhelmed when it comes to designing their own shower. Listen, we agree 100% and is why we want to break down some of these inspirations! So, when you plan a shower for your special bride you will be antique prepared! Scroll below to view pictures and how to re-create the same look on your own!

Simple and Classy Bridal Shower

Simple and Classy

Pictured above is a simple table-top set up. Mentioned earlier, there are blue linens. To add dimension and the designer used a simple lace table runner through the middle of the tables. Table runners like these are very easy to find in craft stores and coincidentally very easy to find in thrift shops. Added on top of the lace runners are simple white flower vases. Now, when it comes to shower and/or parties that last two-four hours always aim for fresh flowers! Fresh flowers always bring life to any event. Finally, the center piece was a wooden slab with mix-match colored copper décor! Coppers, golds, and metallics are always great color choices to add to any antique look because it accentuates décor of all styles.

Elegant Flare

Elegant Flare Bridal Shower

Here is a fun way to add that elegant flare to your food tables! First, mix and matched plates, napkins, and silverware! There is a floral theme in these particular plates and napkins, but don’t feel you need to stick to that look. Floral is very in this wedding season, but any design will work. And again, a lace cloth was added to a pink linen to add dimension and add to the antique style.

Below is a slideshow of more pictures from this specific bridal shower. We hope this helps you when you are ready to plan the bridal shower of your bride’s dreams! If you have ideas you would like to share, we’d love to hear them. Comment below with your suggestions or with what your favorite details from this absolutely adorable antique shower is!