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Inspiration: “Taking The Book Out Of Guestbook.”

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

When brainstorming over ways to create your guestbook, think outside of the box, or in this case… the book! The traditional guestbook is a great way to revisit memories, advice, and best wishes, but what about after the big day? You may leave it on your bookshelf for a year or two, but how many times will you actually open it? If you’re looking for a way to create a unique memory keepsake, then it’s time to ditch the book. Your guestbook has potential to be so much more than just a collection of signatures! Here are some of our favorite inspirations to take the book out of your guestbook.

Stamping Memories:

Tree Template Guestbook

Create a way to use your guestbook as décor in your household by using a tree template for guests to stamp their fingerprint on. Personalize this creative idea by having your guests sign their name over their fingerprint! Then, after your wedding day, you can frame the piece to use as a memory on your walls.

For The Record:

Guest Book Ideas

Attention all music lovers! We are in love with this unique way to have your guests leave behind their best wishes on your big day. All it takes is a hop, skip, and jump, down to your local record store. Find an album or single that you and your fiance love and have guests sign that. Or, pick up a hand-me-down from a local thrift store. Then, similar to the fingerprint tree, you can frame the record, or records, to hang in your household.

Be A Southern Sport:

Non Traditional Guestbook Ideas

If you were raised in the South, then you know that cornhole is the best way to pass time during all four seasons! That is why we are in love with this idea. From a tailgate to the beach, this is one fun way to carry your wedding day memories anywhere with you!

Thumbprint Heart:

Project Ideas for Wedding

This guestbook alternative is very similar to the first one we shared, but in a different way. By visiting this link you can customize your “guestbook” by using your thumbprint! Have guests sign around your custom thumbprint heart, frame it, and save it as a sweet memory from your perfect day.

Think past the book! There are endless ideas when it comes to creating your guestbook. For more inspirations visit our Pinterest here.